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Thursday 8 February It doesn't actually go right across; there is a gap for menstrual blood to flow through. It may not be every 28 days, but it is often somewhere between 21 days and about 35 days. Answer If your period goes for a couple of days, then stops for a little while, starts again and then finally stops this is usually quite normal. Light or heavy periods How do you know if your period is going to be light or heavy? Your period may be light a small flow of blood that lasts a couple of days or heavy a bigger flow of blood that soaks your pad more quickly or lasts longer.

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If you start a period unexpectedly, then get a pad from a friend, ask the teacher or go to the first aid room if you are at school.

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Washing blood off clothes Blood washes off clothes best if cold water is used and you wash the clothes as soon as you can. Swimming and periods Is it OK to wash your hair or go swimming during a period? Get to know your body. It takes a bit of practice at first to be able to get it in comfortably, but if you follow the instructions on the packet it should not be a problem. Do you always get pimples when it's your period?

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