Billing a shaved nevus

If the Mohs surgeon additionally stains one or more blocks from that specimen with an additional different single antibody immunohistochemistry immunocytochemistry stain, CPT code each additional single antibody stain procedure may be reported with one 1 UOS per different antibody stain procedure. If treating or destroying multiple benign lesions of the same type, such as verrucae or molluscum or a combination of bothit does not matter for coding and billing purposes whether you use different methods. Don't submit claims prematurely 6. Because skin procedure codes take into account the type of removal, the size and location of the lesion, your intent, and pathologic results, documenting your service and selecting the right code can be confusing. Know when to use multiple codes — or a single code for multiple lesions 9.

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Dermatology World - May 2016

However, the second charge could be construed by the MAC as a duplicate charge. Molluscum and verrucae are epidermal lesions. Note that for smaller lesions, biopsy codes may provide greater reimbursement than shave codes. When a patient presents for a scheduled re-excision, you should bill for the procedure but not the office visit, unless significant, separately identifiable services are provided, in which case you could submit a code for the evaluation and management service with modifier Know the difference between an excision and a biopsy 2. Consequently, for the purposes of payment, ICD code D The other option is to submit the diagnosis code for neoplasm of uncertain nature

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