Fist with two fingers on either side of throat

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If he felt he could beat a move, and had probably already thought of a counter move, he'd signal his confidence by Steepling; when he was uncertain or unhappy he'd use the Mouth Cover, Ear Pull or Neck Scratch. This not only accounts for why people who are uncertain will scratch their neck, it presents a good explanation as to why some people use the Collar Pull when they lie and suspect they have been caught out. Control A hand with palm down may figuratively hold or restrain the other person. Pull apart your fingers, them bring back together. Striking The hand can strike openly, with the palm or closed as a fist. Context is key and even forensic professionals can be stumped when it comes to spotting the giveaways. Squeeze together the tips of your fingers on each hand to form two points.

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Part of it is it's just easier to believe a story that sounds plausible than it is to continually check out it out.

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Hand body language

This is where the insults start drifting below the belt. Learn when to start signing with your baby, plus find out the benefits of baby sign language. If a child tells a lie, he will often cover his mouth with one or both hands in an attempt to stop the deceitful words from coming out. A short side swipe may also signal 'no' in any conversation. See also Finger body languageUsing Body Language. Arrange your hands so that your palms face your body and the outside edges of your hands touch.

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fist with two fingers on either side of throat
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fist with two fingers on either side of throat
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