Fact of losing virginity

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As with male virginity, what technically constitutes the loss of a woman's virginity has often been misconstrued — from using tampons to dildos and even getting fingered. Before we start taking a look at v-card statistics around the world, let's get one thing straight: And even if there's no girl involved in the type of sex you're having, condoms are the only method of contraception that will also prevent you from catching STIs. It felt amazing in a unique way that I immediately knew I could never properly replicate in any artificial way. Happy hormones are the reason for that glowing skin. Seriously, the stuff is a godsend for making pleasure more intense and has the added benefit of reducing and feelings of discomfort. Instead of trying to finagle both your bodies into difficult positions, sexologist Dr.

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Also, make sure you know how to put a condom on the right way before you have sex for the first time.

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7 things that happen to a girl's body after losing virginity

If you are worried about sexual abuse or assault, click here for more information. As far as what your first time will be like, it can really run the gamut. Maybe just keep a towel handy or even do it on top of one if you're worried about your pretty floral sheets. Sex can also hurt a bit, particularly if you're the one being penetrated, but it's worth noting that it should still be pleasurable overall. Worried about sexual abuse or assault? From Alia Bhatt to Deepika Padukone: Will I bleed the first time I have sex Just the Facts:

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fact of losing virginity
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fact of losing virginity
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