Who drove the chitown hustler

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The first one, as Coil recalls, was on a slippery eighth-mile track in Springfield, Ill. Coil feels that heat and detonation are the culprits in both cases. Three generations of driving Chi-Town Hustler is an amazing thing. Variations can be made in fuel distribution by changing one or more of 16 fuel injector nozzles. Changes in a fuel delivery curve can be effected only by returning fuel to the tank. This return line is equipped with a poppet valve in addition to an orifice.

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These extra nozzles are controlled by a two-stage valve which opens at 80 psi fuel pressure or rpm.

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Part of the problem in finding a "cure" lies in pinpointing the cause of the failure. By summer ofFarkonas had a new Titanium piston design. With all of that gear reduction, it would smoke the tires with provocation. In the meantime, Farkonas will be keeping his fingers crossed and working on a new compression ring design. He drove the car for a few years and now has the pleasure of watching his son, Mike, drive the newest Hustler on the Nostalgia Funny Car circuit. Piston life is undoubtedly the singularly most significant technical problem that the fuel racer faces today. I know it's different, but here's a few pointers.

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who drove the chitown hustler
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who drove the chitown hustler
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