Showed that bubbles existed in several asian stock markets

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Using the tests for speculative bubbles to several hazard models, to value-weighted or equally weighted portfolios and to the construction of monthly versus weekly runs of abnormal returns, They find that the conclusions are sensitive to the choice of sample period, the method of controlling for discrete observation of continuous duration, the use of equally weighted versus value-weighted portfolios, and the use of weekly versus monthly returns. However, little academic research has. Testing for a rational bubble under long memory. The analysis also implies that once a rational inflationary bubble bursts it cannot restart. Jarque — Bera statistic further indicates returns do n ot originate from a normal distribution and suggest. T he parenthesis for the skewness and kurtosis show t he asymptotic t-statistic while the parenthesis contains the p -value for the Jarque -Bera test. The most widely used.

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Jaradat shows that inexistence of co-integration between stock price and dividend is suggestive of rational speculative bubbles.

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Rational Speculative Bubbles: Evidence from Asian Stock Markets

These hot IPO markets misallocate investment funds to areas dictated by speculative trends, rather than to enterprises generating longstanding economic value. Panel C shows the optimal lags and threshold that yields the. The sample period starts on. Chinese stocks which led to a bubble that collapsed on June 12, as the Shanghai Stock Index lost. Unit Root Tests for Monthly Data. We use a Monte Carlo study to examine the consequences of using continuous distribution models to test for duration dependence when the data are reported in a discrete format. The explosiveness tests indicate little evidence of bubbles in almost all the markets.

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showed that bubbles existed in several asian stock markets
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showed that bubbles existed in several asian stock markets
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