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The first was at the hands of a Semitic ruler by the name of Sargon, who conquered not only Sumer but most of western Asia. Who will plow my wet ground? She brought her mouth close to earth. He pressed his neck close against mine. She called for it, she called for it, she called for the bed!

The cult of Ishtar and Tammuz may have been introduced to the Kingdom of Judah during the reign of King Manasseh [80] and the Old Testament contains numerous allusions to them.

Courtship of Inanna and Dumuzi

His clothes are coarse; his wool is rough. Your deafening command, whistling like the South Wind, splits apart great mountains. Open the house, My Lady, open the house! Who will plow my vulva? In the assembly I am your advocate, The plants and herbs in his field are ripe. May he like a farmer till the fields, may he like a good shepherd make the folds teem, may there be vines under him, may there be barley under him, may there be carp-floods in the river under him, may there be mottled barley in the fields under him, may fishes and birds sound off in the marshes under him.

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