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She respects him, but she leaves an open-ended offer for Reginald by the end of the episode. When Francine, now working as a surgen, is out all night, Stan and Steve throw a party, where Steve once again abandones Snot, Toshi and Barry. Stan is disappointed at him. Sign In Don't have an account? They take Hayley and Francine to "a place [they] like to dump dead bodies", but Francine convinces they should steal the aformentioned orphan money. She tricks them into to robbing the First National Bank and the police kills the mafia, to Francine's relief.

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Francine, wanting to prove she's more then just a housewife, she takes a corse to become a surgeon.

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American Dad

Stan hosts a CIA telethon to raise a million dollars for their torture programs. Not Particularly Desperate Housewives. At the end of the episode, Stan has a change of heart after he sees how hard it would be for them to make it on the salary Jeff brings in. Jeff breaks up with Hayley causing her to go on a rampage and destroy the mall. Hayley is shown pining and grieving over Jeff's disappearance and supposed death in "Spelling Bee My Baby", but in order for her to serve as a line judge, Stan and Roger try to fast track her through the grieving process, but in the end she blames them and steals their shuttlecock in retaliation, forcing Roger to go through the grieving process instead. Back at home, Stan steals Francine from Steve at the school dance and tries to make it up to him by letting them dance at home. Even upon moving back under her parents' roof, she is no longer an official student at Groff and once even claims that she always drops back out before term papers can happen and once even hinted that she planned on freeloading off her parents into her adult years.

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