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Similar to people with an ileostomy or a colostomy, people with a continent ileostomy may have excessive gas during the early weeks and months after surgery. Pouchitis is an irritation or inflammation of the lining of an ileoanal reservoir or a continent ileostomy pouch. Hirschsprung disease is a life-threatening illness, and treatment requires surgery. A WOC nurse or an enterostomal therapist will teach a person about special care after ostomy surgery. Ileostomy and colostomy are the two main types of ostomy surgery of the bowel during which a surgeon creates a stoma. The surgery recommended for a symptomatic rectocele is the same operation done for rectal descent. We recommend you upgrade to IE's most recent version or use an alternate browser.

When a women gives birth, the normal attachments of the rectum to the lower backbone may get stretched or torn.

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Cochrane Database Syst Rev ; 4: Even after they move their bowels, it may feel as if their rectum is still not empty. After the adjustment period, bowel movements decrease to as few as four to six a day. Ostomy pouches, or pouching systems, may be one piece or two pieces. A type of rectocele repair can be done through the vagina, but this does not correct rectal descent. During surgery, sometimes physicians will notice that the rectum has fallen down and is just lying flat on the floor of the pelvis. A surgeon performs a colostomy most often to treat rectal cancer, diverticulitis, or fecal incontinence —the accidental loss of stool.

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