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I came three or four times. I hope you enjoy exploring my personal site whether it's getting to know me through my words or seeing me naked in my pictures, videos and webcams! So I had a snack and managed to go back to sleep. We had a nice lazy start to the morning together, listening to music, drinking strong coffee. Mornings in bed with Delia have become pretty precious. I came so fucking hard.

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Secret cave created by our bodies together. No guarantees ever with our voyeur cams. So anyway, I had to do some masturbating today. My reward for posting this blog entry is I get to masturbate to the video Taurus and his girlfriend made on her birthday of her playing with her new vibrator. Then I wanted to put on dresses and go somewhere special with her for lunch. I want to eat lunch in the summer sun, in public with my wife, with our legs showing.

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  1. There is a time for play and a time for work. In this case you put the game down and you get to WORK!!!