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I just remind myself dog Monday through Friday homie Know I ain't never tell you this befo' I ain't never tell you this befo' You bitch ass niggas better hope I don't go broke nigga It hurt me to know dog I wanna talk to ya real quick wanna talk to ya mama [Verse 1] My momma told me while I run these streets she can't sleep Her phone ring late at night she think somethin' happened to me Her nerves so bad right now she can't even watch T. Akon Intro Plies Hey whats happening homie This lil boy plies man I ran across a nice lil babe the other day homie Lil mama so bad she had me hypnotized Couldn?

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I ain't gon' stop grindin' Violate me if ya want gon' have to come find me Lookin' for me in the streets I'm somewhere shinin' Live every gotdamn day like it's Friday Damn my P.

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"Thug Section" lyrics

I don't think we sit down long enough sometimes I Kno U Workin. I don't know if it's me it might be the watch [Chorus] [Verse 3] Slid through the club late all I need is a hour Like they told me lil' homie money is power Ran the streets all day I'm fresh out the shower Watch how a goon rock let me show you my volume Check my track record homie all I beat is stallions I done smashed already shit you can have her If you want her better catch her better gon' snatch her Want straight animals over here, no hackers Better put the cuffs on her 'fore the goons pack her When we leave the club watch you follow after Y'all ain't groupies baby stop bein' embarrassed This one here in the book, this a closed chapter [Chorus] [music out]. Can you do it for me babe? Just to realize what we takin' our momma through

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