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It is also ranked 5th for having the highest percentage of people between 20 and 79 with diabetes. This is prescribed to occur by the promotion of healthy nutritional practices, such as community activities and informational pamphlets. It is believed that traditional clothing of these ethnic groups require a heavier body in order to be attractive. Across the whole population from —, They also participated in daily sports activities and ate healthy meals and snacks. Individuals who had a low level of education, were non-smokers, and had a family history of obesity were more likely to have an unhealthy body weight.

Before marriage, girls intentionally overeat and perform limited physical activity for 40 days in order to be attractive for their soon-to-be husbands.

Obesity in the Middle East and North Africa

The youth population consumes more fat, milk, and meat than previous generations. Subsequently, some call this trend the New World Syndrome. Educating the public about how to eat a healthy diet was the purpose of the fair. Across the whole population from —, Ten percent of males and females drink five or more cans of soda a day, which can lead to early osteoporosis in women in the future. The Ministry of Health conducted an awareness campaign at the same time, entitling it "Summer in My Country. The health impact of childhood obesity is unknown.

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