Lost virginity but sex still hurts

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We know that what we're experiencing isn't normal, but how far from normal is it? I don't bleed or anything and I have good lubrication. Should I be scared to have sex? Those still hurt putting in and removing, as well. I wanted it to be good for him, too. But one day, after a few months, we had a session involving lots of stimulation by me of her, then lots of lube, and I was able to get inside her - I wasn't especially hard at the time, and that seemed to help quite a lot.

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There are many studies.

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I lost my virginity 3 days ago, but sex still hurts?

Answered Aug 3, First, a hug from Chile. When did you lose your virginity? They hadn't told any of their first times that it was their first time. I thought I was awful. Sex kept hurting like hell for about six months no matter how much foreplay or lube was involved or what positions we tried.

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lost virginity but sex still hurts
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lost virginity but sex still hurts
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3 thoughts on “Lost virginity but sex still hurts

  1. fuck.... man this is so hot, she is one of my fav, thanks for uploading

  2. Been five months, but if you're still interested it's kinda free use stuff.