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Give it to me, don't give it away Don't think about what the others say My skin's getting clear, my hair's so bright All you do is fuck me every day and night You're my secret beauty routine Na na na na, what my body has seen I am lookin' good and I'm feelin' nice Baby, you're the best magazine advice [Chorus: Why not add your own? That sings a song about having sex with a younger man? This song is just so General Comment This is probably the catchiest Liz Phair song ever, which is unforunate, because you can't really sing it aloud in public! Liz Phair — H. I expected some small punk novelty, like Avril gone porno, it is the safest of the safe, and that counts all of the last two albums, where she tried to sell out and no one was buying.

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In the novel, Gray's portrait ages, while Gray himself appears to remain perpetually youthful.

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Liz Phair - “Hot White Cum”

General Comment only liz can turn a song this popish, into a sex song. Sucking their cunts if they even have one, in western societys women circumcise themselves mentallynot having some ho's poxy junk spread across them or inside their every hole where the slappers can get their diseased little dicks shoved in. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. In "Flower," she didn't, and the arrangement was really pretty, too. User does not exist. Add your thoughts 17 Comments.

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liz phair white hot cum
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  1. Really hot. This is accurate, in the sense this is what it's really like then you are perving on your Mum.