Fun adult party games

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This game is best at parties where the guest already know each other. Only feet may touch the floor, only teeth may touch the box — no other part of the body may be used as support. You can preview and edit on the next page. You can continue playing to see if someone fills up their entire card, or count to see has the most predictions right at the end of the party. Decide early on what type of songs to use.

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This game is best played in a large driveway or parking lot though my friends and I played it on my kitchen floor and had a blast.

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Before the party lace the sting through each box so that you will be able to tie it around the waist of the players. Just as they think this is the easiest adult party game, fill each bowl with whipped cream. The rule is they may not use their hands. Best played in the evening if you have a large group. The first person to pick up the prize gets to keep it. Write or print the names of famous celebrity couples on sticky labels — one name per label and mix the labels up so that they are no longer couples.

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fun adult party games
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fun adult party games
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