Bangkok fetish bar

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The rumour mill has it that due to concerns about a lack of access to firemen in the instance of an emergency, there are going to be enforced changes at Nana Plaza and the bars in the middle of the plaza at ground level, that would be Pharaoh and the bars behind it, are to be razed. This is quite expensive, even by Western standards, but you're paying a premium for the show and interactivity with the girls. Fetish gear is obviously welcomed but bear in mind that Bangkok is extremely hot and humid so you'll want to dress in light clothes and then change when you arrive at the club. But Bar Bar is not Bangkok's first such venue. I don't believe her. This past week a local went to the tent market at Pattaya Tai with his other half.

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So am I a cheap Charlie?

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Spicing It Up, The Bangkok Fetish Experience

Just what this latest early closure was all about, who knows. I think I wrote that somewhere else on this site early on but its worth repeating now. The girls in Bar Bar are not pushy and have never hassled me for a private session. BarBar accepts all major credit cards so carrying cash with you is not a necessity. There is no profile of a typical visitor although when it comes to farang, Europeans far outnumber Americans. I don't know why I didn't object. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site.

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bangkok fetish bar
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bangkok fetish bar
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