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For extra effect put your hands under your butt and lift yourself, you can even wrap your legs around the faucet and pull yourself closer the closer you are the harder the water hits you let the water hit your clit for the most part but letting it fill your hole also feels really good, I guarantee you will have the orgasm of your life in about five minutes!! Then, when you feel the urge, thrust two fingers inside your pussy. I do this for about two minutes then switch tits. Water works I like it a little rough, so if you have a sensitive clit, this may be a little much for you. Rub-a-dub I love using the faucet in the tub. We have enough to last 10 lifetimes!

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Then bite a small hole in one corner.

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Before your clit numbs turn up the temperature until it's about medium warm, make sure the water is on full blast. The best part is no mess! I like to spread my legs wide and squeeze my breasts to bring this technique to the full effect! Keep turning it on until the water pressure suits you the stronger, the better! Pull away and push the water out of your pussy as if you were peeing. It doesn't give you an orgasm but it feels really neat.

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