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Sign In Don't have an account? And some Star Trek fans are pretty upset about that. OK, whatever, it would be cool if the one we like wins. With a groan, Winona kicks back her quilt and rolls out of bed. We need to hurry up and invent a warp drive so the Vulcans will come visit us and take me away from this crappy planet and back to Vulcan, where people actually value intelligence. Those are a lot softer than I thought they'd be.

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The one where Bones gets to know Jim's sister-in The quality of the animation is kind of sub-Scooby Do level but the artwork itself is cool and the plots are as good as TOS. The one where Jim tries to befriend Nyota I'm going to Netflix ST: She's sitting there with a neutral expression just like everyone else. Out of nowhere, Bob bumps into her and, by sheer accident we thinkgrabs her boob.

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