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She is a devoted wife, mother, and doctor, with a cheerful manner and an understanding attitude. The green flames she fights with are her anima. At first, it seemed that Nakasumi couldn't speak, but understood, English. In the episode a parody of the original Batman TV series Ron becomes the apprentice of Timothy North voiced by Adam West who believes he is the character he has been playing this is also a parody of the setup for the animated series Batman Beyond; Will Friedle voices both Terry McGinnis and Ron. Because of this, they were greeted as heroes at the end; however, it is unclear whether or not Shego has changed her evil ways.

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He displayed several "bursts" of monkey power throughout the episode but was unable to control them most of the time.

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Kim Possible Fun Facts : Page 2

She often tagged along with friends to local high school dances. Naco royalties make Ron a tremendously rich and wealthy multimillionaire with ninety-nine million dollars, which he then proceeds to squander on a posse of fake friends and spending binges. She then looked him dead in the eyes. Shego is one of the few villains of the series to regularly consider the potential downsides of evil. At first she didn't know who Ron StoppableKim's best friend and partner, was, but now she admires him because he is able to face the odds despite his fears - a courageous quality of a real hero. Director has very little hands-on involvement in GJ's cases, but on the rare occasions when she's had to get her hands dirty such as when she had to team up with Kim to fight her own twin brother, Geminishe's proven that she can hold her own in a fight. After the show finished its run, she decided to try something new like singing.

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