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Once sexology legitimized female sexual desire in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, these friendships were increasingly called into question, and "lesbian" desire was eventually condemned. Lesbian theater and performance art held a particularly significant role in lesbian community building in the s. The three writers analyzed the relationship between sexuality and language and tied modes of communication to gendered and sexual oppression. In expatriate Paris, well-known lesbian artists included the American portrait painter Romaine Brooks — and the British painter known as Gluck Hannah Gluckstein; — The City of Toronto did not endorse Pride until Among these was the British novelist Radclyffe Hall, who used Ellis's theory of inversion as the theoretical basis for her controversial apologia for homosexuality, The Well of Loneliness

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Christian's playful lesbian anthems, such as "Ode to a Gym Teacher" and "Leaping Lesbians," synthesized folk music with lesbian humor.

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights in Canada

While discrimination against LGBT people persists in many places, major strides toward mainstream social acceptance and formal legal equality have nonetheless been made in recent decades. Kennedy, Elizabeth Lapovsky, and Madeline D. Lesbian separatists viewed all heterosexual relationships as harmful to women and considered the discord between women and men to be irreparable. McGarry, Molly, and Fred Wasserman. A "Feminist Studies" Readered. The question of definitively detecting sexual activity or erotic attachment in these romantic friendships is highly problematic because of the "passionlessness" that eighteenth- and nineteenth-century women were supposed to possess.

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encylopedia of lesbian scenes
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encylopedia of lesbian scenes
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