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So to get our nice markers of overweight and obesity and blood pressure and those kind of things we really need to follow them up long-term, and the first window that we were able to do that was at eight years of age. And is the effect there being seen because whatever is being substituted for breast milk is less healthy than the breast milk itself? And we know, for instance, that how well you grow when you're a fetus is a strong predictor of your risk of having a heart attack as an adult, and what we wanted to do in this particular instance was look at those first 18 months, so the period that immediately follows when you're in the womb, to see whether or not that might also be an important risk factor for later cardiovascular disease. I'm Joel Werner and it's great to have your company. So the original study recruited participants, and at eight years of age we were able to study of those. Dr Facebook and beyond, later in the show. Chubby Baby Getty Images.

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At the end of the study these children were still only eight years old.

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VIDEO: I Can't Stop Watching This Chubby Baby Laugh At His Own Joke

We also catch up with a Silicon Valley scientist about the future of healthcare. And what we can do is we can actually look at the severity and progression of that disease using ultrasound in young children, and what we found was that, again, this very early growth, early weight gain from 0 to 18 months of age was a strong predictor of arterial wall thickness in these eight-year-old kids, consistent with them being at a higher risk later on in life of cardiovascular disease. Do you plan to continue following these kids up? And what we were more interested in was I guess a marker of adiposity or body fatness and how that changed during that period, much in the same way that with adults we use body mass index, which is weight divided by your height squared. Those events don't tend to happen until, if you're a male over the age of 40, if you're a female over the age of

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chubby baby contest
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chubby baby contest
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