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He had just finished some training and was ready to sit down. Max, May, and Caroline It must be horrible having your loved ones esp. Insisting that Goku retire, get a job and stay at home and demanding that Gohan focus on academics came across as not only crazy to me but also dangerous as she was giving so much importance to small, trivial things instead of looking at the big picture i. Steve and Francine Goten did miss his dad for the early years of his life but that just made him value Goku more and then after the Buu Saga Goku came to live with them again, while Gohan was in high school I'm sure Goku went camping, trained, and played with Goten plenty of times most likely even more than Chi Chi allowed him to do with Gohan.

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He walked by Goten's room when he heard his brother say something.

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I sorta feel bad for Goten, but I know Goku really devoted extra time with Goten to make up for all those years he missed. And when he's super saiyan 4 he says it's the last straw when baby attacks chichi. Remember the same way I taught you? Zuko, Azula, and Ursa And with Piccolo he trained with Gohan in the mountains-- he pummeled Gohan until he was so exhausted he couldn't even prevent himself from literally falling off of the mountain.

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