World of darkness talen fetish

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Convincing the three spirits to coexist is almost as difficult a process as forging the axe in the first place, but the triple mystical power of sun, moon and earth is hard to deny. The Pine Cone of Silence. If anything does fall through the cracks be prepared for Thing 1 to come and nerf the item and be not so pleased with either the ST overseeing the creation or the player who is doing the creating. When shooting in the moon's light, she makes another Gnosis check difficulty depends on the moon's phase; use Rage roll difficulties, i. Activating a fetish requires a successful Gnosis Challenge retest with Primal Urge against the Fetish's Gnosis rating; if the challenge fails, you can spend a Gnosis to force it active. After this has been accomplished, the spirit finds the bearer to be an acceptable master: It does, however, work both ways - the Garou appears to be speaking in the targeted language, even if he doesn't speak a word of it.

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At night, when the pendant is activated, the wearer vanishes completely for one minute per success.

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Fetishes & Talens

Grand klaives are very rare and usually tied to specific Garou lineages, especially among the Silver Fangs, Fianna, and Shadow Lords. The more activation successes the player rolls, the larger an area is blocked. Currently nouveau chic among the computer elite, DoubleFeint gives both sides of the digital war a "second chance" - users hackers, system monitors, etc. Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. When activated, the bag must be swung open-end-first toward the target, striking him with the "sand.

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world of darkness talen fetish
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world of darkness talen fetish
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