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Coughing fits that may be associated with a blue tint to the lips or skin cyanosisvomiting after coughing, or pauses in breathing apnea Older children: Chest x-rays while breathing out and breathing in Bronchoscopy. A cough that brings up either is considered productive. A chest x-ray is always done when children with a chronic cough are first evaluated. Birth defects affecting the lungs. A chest x-ray Sometimes bronchoscopy.

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This child has whooping cough with the whoop.

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Coughing up blood is serious

Sometimes an x-ray of the upper digestive tract after barium is given by mouth to determine whether anatomy is normal. A nighttime cough can be caused by asthma or postnasal drip. The following symptoms are of particular concern: If your child produces blood from the mouth, and you do not know with assurance that it is coming from nosebleed, the expected shedding of a tooth or a trivial cut, call your doctor right away. A chest x-ray Sometimes bronchoscopy. Modena Wilson and Dr. Coughing up blood blood in phlegm.

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teen boy coughing blood
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teen boy coughing blood
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