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This is why image-based sexual abuse is also on a continuum with other forms of sexual violence. CNN Money, 23 June. Such a term can draw parallels with other forms of sexual violence. The approach of the UK Government entirely misunderstands the existing law which includes a number of offences, already labelled as sexual, that do not require contact, including preparatory offences such as grooming, causing individuals to perform sexual acts without contact with the perpetratorcoercing individuals to watch sexual acts and indecent exposure, to name a few Sexual Offences Act Visibility in British policy on violence against women. While in these notorious cases the police and prosecutors have shoe-horned the circumstances into other offences and secured convictions, it is unlikely to be happening in all such cases. Naked celebrity pics and the James Foley video:

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Images of Sexual Assault and Rape One of the most disturbing examples of non-consensually created private sexual images involves the recording of rapes or other forms of sexual assault.

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Aggression and Violent Behaviour 12 5: In terms of legal categories in English law, however, the non-consensual creation and distribution of the photoshopped image is not criminalised. DeKeseredy and Schwartz ; Henry and Powell c. I was not interested in her in any other way other than as a research subject. This approach is central to understanding image-based sexual abuse as sexual abuse; but it also has potentially significant discursive, legislative and policy consequences. The drafting of criminal legislation: Make sex education mandatory, says former Conservative Culture secretary Maria Miller.

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