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Lewd darling receives urinal waste from various studs. This year's iPad Pro is a magnificent piece of technology. These wild and kinky girls are enjoying life on Campus, but studying and graduating is the last thing on their dirty minds, the girls just wanna suck cock and fuck all day and night! HPE brings high performance computing to astronauts in space HPE's Spacebourne Computer will be open to astronauts on the International Space Station, allowing them to run experiments in space rather than sending data back to Earth. UiWe, a Copenhagen-based firm, recently unveiled the Pollee, a groundbreaking new concept that's similar to what you'd typically see in the men's room except it's designed to ergonomically jut out just enough to offer females essentially the same functionality. Slave gets pissing from dominant.

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The World is Your Urinal; Don’t Take Life Sitting Down

Underwater data centers are the future Nadella predicts Project Natick, Microsoft's foot data center pod on the seafloor off the coast of Scotland, could be repeated across the world. These girls are so fun and playful, they are ready to make love again and again. The girls long time dreamed about guys, but now they got to the college and can fuck with guys all day long! Whether they'll catch on is anyone's guess -- although I wouldn't expect the long waits outside the ladies' room to disappear anytime soon. Oral sex with pissing shower. STFU College is the site were the craziest, sexiest and naughtiest college girls get exposed for you to enjoy!

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