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Say thank you with a personalised card from Scribbler. Some people lost not being able to play their 3rd land. I thought it was funny??????: I am currently lurking while deleting 6 years and 2 months of posting history. Cross-selling is when credit card or phone companies try to sell you junk in addition to what you ordered because they're greedy assholes and want to charge you as much as they can with every transaction they make. Come over and check it out.

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Piss Off Then | Funny Leaving Card

I was driven from this once-great site by abusive mods and admins, who create rules out of thin air to punish people for breaking them meaning the rule does not exist under forum rules and selectively enforce the rules that are written on the forum rules. If you've ever been annoyed with their junk mail, send it back to them with some junk mail of your own. We recommend going large to make the occasion extra special! Size Large Standard Small. Send us an email to: Join the mailing list here.

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piss off cards
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piss off cards
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