Depressor labii inferioris facial expression

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Auricular anterior superior posterior Temporoparietalis. The Levator Anguli muscle assist the naso-labial fold in the cheek. The nasal group consists of the depressor septi, procerus, and the compressor naris and dilator naris of the nasalis. Occipitofrontalis occipitalis frontalis Orbicularis oculi depressor supercilii Corrugator supercilii. Auricularis superior or attollens auriculam and auicularis anterior or attrahens auriculam muscles. Muscles of the head.

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Muscles of Facial Expression

Patients with idiopathic paralysis of the facial muscles can benefit from a physiotherapy process; from electrostimulation to the use of tape, from manual manipulation to stretching, from proprioception exercises to the specific cognitive stimulation of each muscle by the patient. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Metadata Show full item record. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. The pharyngeal arches are also primitively known as branchial arches. The depressor anguli fibres functions in depressing the sides of the mouth in frowning.

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depressor labii inferioris facial expression
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depressor labii inferioris facial expression
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