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This is the first game in which Al Lowe is not involved in any way, as this game was created by game developer High Voltage SoftwareInc. This is one class you don't want to miss. The major difference between the two North American releases is that the uncut and uncensored version contains full frontal nudity and sex scenesalthough the latter contains very little and is mostly implied. Sixteen college girls will conveniently be at his disposal. The final scene shows the team name is actually the Flaming Fantasticks after the Swingles van leaves the school. Worth buying, especially for the cartoon raunchiness.

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The Missing Floppies "the best game of its time" ; and secret tokens featuring the likeness of the Where's Dildo?

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Brain The Time Warp of Dr. So when a dating show comes to campus, Larry knows that getting on TV is his best chance ever to lay more than groundwork. Electronic Gaming Monthly The game introduces a new main character, Larry Lovage, as Larry Laffer's nephew. High Voltage Software Genre s: Please help improve this wiki if you can, and remove this notice if appropriate.

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lsl magna cum laude
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lsl magna cum laude
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