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Many tuners have a 4: The maximum voltage will also depend on what impedance you are going to match. Affordable, Reliable and Removable Royal Communications International introduces the first hassle-free, removable antenna mount. But that wouldn't work with either one of my rigs on Therefore the receiver can amplify the weak signal to compensate for any inefficiency caused by impedance mismatch without perceptibly increasing noise in the output. The additional attenuation at harmonic frequencies can be increased significantly with only a small percentage of additional loss at the tuned frequency. The voltage at point C will be double the voltage at point D.

A similar design can match an antenna to a transmission line:

Antenna tuner

Into a dummmy load. The magnetic influence of any winding will not extend more than a few turns keeping losses down. It is a common misconception that a high standing wave ratio SWR per se causes loss. Medium to Long Range. Using low-loss, high-impedance feedline with an ATU results in very little loss, even with multiple reflections. If the turns on the main coil are changed to move to a higher or lower frequency, the link turns should also change.

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