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Coagulating Darkness by Hellripper. When they couldn't come up with a good name, Goku decided to go fishing but was yelled at by Chi-Chi and asks if Grandpa Gohan taught him any manners. When he finally gains control of the machine, however, he decides to leave it on this high setting in order to train to fight Frieza. In the beginning of Dragon Ball ZGoku is 24 years old and is still living at Mount Paozu in a newly-built house near his old housewith his wife Chi-Chi and their four-year-old son, Gohan. Knowing he will have to battle the more powerful Vegeta, Goku requests the move to an isolated location and Vegeta agrees. At age 12, Goku was rather short, and appeared even younger he was considered less than 10 years old; people would be rather surprised when they learned his actual age.

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Whis sees on his staff that he's received a message and recognizes Bulma.

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Vegeta realizes Goku used the rest of his power to gather and form the bomb and has nothing left to defeat Buu. After Bulma is able to come in and she mentions that Vegeta has been training on Beerus' planet with Whis, Goku smashes through Gohan's library but he still fixes it. Piccolo then takes the Dragon Ball Yajirobe gave to Goku. After coming runner up in the World Martial Arts TournamentGoku is told by Master Roshi that he should go out and see the world, and Goku decides that he will use this opportunity to search of his grandfather's Four-Star Dragon Ball. Frieza destroys Planet Vegeta a month after Kakarot has been sent away.

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