Swinging gate offense

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Here, the center takes off past the defensive line, and is all alone to haul in the catch and stroll into the end zone for an easy score. Icing the kicker Stunt Spy. If there are only 2 guys, then you can run the fake. He cannot have the ball snapped and he run it in. You just keep adding a right side lineman every time you change your formation.

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Questions to ask yourself:

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What is the swinging gate play, and does it ever work?

Coach shares why he goes for 2 versus 1 based upon going for 1 takes much more time than going for 2 since they always work offense so much more so why not go for 2. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. If the middle or right have an extra defender, the left side should be open for a fake. The attempt did not go wellto say the least. Retrieved 19 October

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swinging gate offense
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swinging gate offense
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