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However, because the plant is getting less light less time to make energy with photosynthesis each day, the buds are going to be smaller than if the plant was given the longer periods of light. The downside to this technique is you will reduce your yields by giving your plant fewer hours each day. This makes your question even more difficult, since with this photoperiod some strains bloom while others that were flowering outside since late February start re-vegging. Most importantly…loved learning to transition slowly to outside by utilizing shade for a few day!! How do you recommend I check the PH of the water if necessary at this point?

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Some strains are more sensitive to others to photoperiod changes, especially in regard with night length.

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Can I Make Buds Mature Faster By Switching From 12/12 to 10/14?

If you start your seeds outside, plants will grow during the spring and start flowering at summer. I took my mother plants out on early June so they keep on vegging. I'm growing for Post Concussion symptoms and a spinal injury. Any thoughts on grow setup? I started these indoors to transplant outdoors as soon as possible. When exactly should I put them outdoors so I could harvest earlier or can this even be done Hi Chris, You have several options: This is what most growers from the Canary Islands do, since they have pretty much the same problem than yours.

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hydroponic marijuana 10 hour flower mature
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hydroponic marijuana 10 hour flower mature
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