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Go for short cardio sessions ten minutesand focus on the right form, instead of the number of repetitions. So today I went for the ultrasound, and an attractive young technician leads me into a room. I was not at all surprised by the answers to question 3. I do have actual advice for the under-fornicated. Your time in the gym is only three-tenths of what will get you a flat, strong stomach. The top two things a woman like in a man were personality and face. And I have a feeling most women are the same way.

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On the other hand, visceral fat — also known as deep belly fat — is stored primarily around your organs such as the stomach, liver and pancreas.

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Survey: Do Women Care if a Guy Has Abs?

But as summer approaches, our struggles with those ever-elusive beach-ready abs come back to haunt us again. Opt for complex carbs found in oats, brown rice, wholewheat bread, sweet potatoeswhich contain fibre, and are slowly digested in the body. Previous post Flying Trapeze Abs. My wife was at her computer and I went to ask her something. There was no trend that I could notice. Answers ranked below in order of preference.

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