Sperm bank info

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. A sperm bank may provide a donor with dietary supplements containing herbal or mineral substances such as maca, zinc, vitamin E and arginine which are designed to improve the quality and quantity of the donor's semen [ citation needed ]as well as reducing the refractory time [ citation needed ] i. Even though local laws or rules may restrict the numbers of offspring from a single donor, there are no worldwide limitations or controls and most sperm banks will onsell and export all their remaining stocks of vials of sperm when local maxima have been attained see 'onselling' above. Before you can donate sperm, you must be screened for medical conditions and other risk factors. Natural insemination donors will therefore often donate without revealing their identity. Ginsburg ES, et al. The sperm kept at a sperm bank is either donated by men to be used by couples seeking sperm donations for artificial insemination or IVF procedures, or is provided by men who want to preserve their own sperm for future use.

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Many donees do not inform the child that they were conceived through sperm donation, or, when non-anonymous donor sperm has been used, they do not tell the child until they are old enough for the clinic to provide contact information about the donor.

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Sperm collection and storage (sperm banking)

This article has multiple issues. You may find it helpful to take your partner along. Sperm can be kept frozen for many, many years, and using frozen sperm does not increase the risk of birth defects. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original PDF on In some jurisdictions, sperm may be donated through an agency.

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sperm bank info
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sperm bank info
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