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I'm a healthy, fit guy and I have girls hitting on me on a regular basis when I go out. She "committed to me. I am seriously considering an affair. I am seriously considering an affair and I might even want a divorce if this continues. So I have been married for 2 years, I am 29yrs old. Sadly my wife and that friend stopped being friends after the threesome, my wife says it is unrelated to what we did they just stopped keeping in contact. You can trust me

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Yeahhhhhhhhh — I have no idea WTF we were thinking.

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Something i fucked your wife again

When I say it is me she goes all business class in her tone. Awfully convenient wife was away and yoga-blonde was ALSO alone and available to "come over and check out the new cabinets. Every time she rejects my advances, it is starting to mess with my head. Our need for sex is truly physical. He must have felt the same way ten years ago when he watched me show more interest in my makeup than my unclothed husband walking out of the shower. While the other 'alpha'ed' his way into the hot yoga-blonde across the street and screwed over another man while doing it

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something i fucked your wife again
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something i fucked your wife again

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  1. as much as i want to like gabby, she’s rather boring. amazing ass, great angles in this particular scene but extremely lackluster overall.