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The next way to find to how to increase stamina in bed is to use some kind of behavioral therapy. Thinking about something other than sex might help you last longer, especially if you do it for just a moment or two. This article has also been viewed 4, times. Method 3 Quiz During sex, you should avoid thinking about: For example, most women apparently prefer intercourse to last no more than nine minutes, whereas men think that sexual stamina and ejaculation control means they can go on pounding away for as long as they want to!

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When you've had a chance to cool down, dive back in for another round of intercourse.

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The bad news, or good news, depending on your point of view, is that to increase your stamina in this way, you're going to have to masturbate daily using a new lighter grip and slower motion for at least a month to significantly enhance your stamina during lovemaking. No matter what kind of stamina problem you have in bed, make sure that your partner is involved in finding a solution. You train for a career and for sporting events, so why not consider sexual stamina training? How much you care about your partner. To start with, you need to be physically fit. Premature Ejaculation Libido Sex Drive. Everyone wants to be a better lover.

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masturbation stamina builder for men
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masturbation stamina builder for men
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