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But even Paul wrote a lot about how communities should engage with each other, and I think that goes for families as well. Besides this, we have had earthly fathers who disciplined us and we respected them. Obviously no one would spank a new-born. It says" If we are going to take some of the verses of the Old Testament that have to do with the punishment of children and apply them literally, then we should take all of the verses in the Old Testament that have to do with the punishment of children and apply them all literally.

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I talk to them how I expect them to talk to me.

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Do Christian Parents have a Moral Rationale for Spanking?

Using corporal punishment while my children were young actually afforded our whole family more freedom in the long run, because it established boundaries and reminded the kiddos who was in charge—freeing me up to try other, more creative corrections as they matured. Some of these instructions have to do with the correction and discipline of children. If you take a particular passage of the Bible literally when it was meant to be symbolic, then you will not understand its true significance. The child will live and breathe just to hear these words from the parent: One uses spanking as a last resort, never in anger, lots of warning and explaination. He said in Luke 6: For example, the law of the Old Testament stated very clearly that if anyone committed adultery, they should be put to death.

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do christian parents spank
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do christian parents spank
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