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You got a problem With the way I'm doin' my thang? Silkk the Shocker S: Fuck tha world C: They got no time to be trippin' on Niggas that's tryin' to keep me down I put that bumpin' on your trunk and Lace the nation's underground Let them know about the ghetto mentality Niggas get smoked for nothing at all They want you up our of the game When they see you get on your feet and ball Faulty niggas never run me off my cellblock I always kick it I ain't never had it I wanna see every black man In the world with a meal ticket Eatin' steak and lobster Crackin' crab, sippin' Don P 'til they hurl But in the meantime Speakin' for all my niggas Fuck tha world! Fuck tha world S:

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You got to sick with it hoes S:

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Fuck Tha World

Crept from the bottom Man, i struggled all my motherfucking life Use to have a razor blade Sliced through solid, eh, one Why not? Wark ass nigga don't wanna see They don't get nothing' Don't wanna give me no props Smile on your face When you post-up Stab you in the back When you need a bluff Silkk: Man, i just touched down Me and celly think up on some plan Until we got lip on the bud 'fore this shit get up outta hand Fuck niggas hatin' Fuck niggas lovin' I deal with it See, i'm a no limit soldier When it tops I get sick with it Niggas better stop like a sign Or they drop like a dime Fuck the 4 1 on the trunk Already got mine See fuck you Fuck the click Fuck the girl that you with Nigga, man, like fuck the whole world I'm tryin' to get rich Bitch! The only way to get some scrilla If you knockin,' then fuck what you talkin' Broke ass nigga Owe everything in the hood owe thangs If you walkin' You the same type of niggas That hate on everything a playa do Always talkin' about I woulda done this I woulda done that Fuck you! A'ight check it C: Fuck Tha World Artist: In this motherfucker S:

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