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In the scenes where Grace is visiting the set of porn-starlet Jasmin St. Only the punning end title theme of "Amazing Grace" disappoints, making Sex an oddly compelling documentary. Watch it with some hardened feminists and watch the sparks fly. Either that or she's not a great communicator What is obvious is that Annabel Chong is certainly a very unhappy individual who probably needs to use sex in order to boost her esteem in much the same way as a person with a drink problem uses alcohol to boost their self esteem. Clairs attempt at "shattering her record" of men in 10 hours, Grace appears to be out of her element and somehow trapped in a place she'd rather not be. Surprisingly, the documentary actually features very little in the way of sex, though Chong does display an alarming tendency to walk around in the nude. Languages Suomi Edit links.

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I have to admit that I was not expecting a film that discusses triple penetration to be one on my list, but it came highly recommended by someone I trust.

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She is a tortured woman; you can see everyone of those men in her eyes every time the conversation moves around to the record breaking feat. An ex-drug user and rape victim, Annabel is seen cutting herself with a knife because "I need to let the pain inside out. From most people's comments though, this movie is a good at leaving questions to be answered from the viewer about her life, what's going on in her mind and a further look at what goes on in this business. Its not pretty, but its a different matter. Speak to us, Gough!

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